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Many Native Americans who live on reservations and rural areas drive their cars ragged and keep them around long after they've stopped running. Traditionally, Shoshone tribes traveled frequently across their vast swaths of territory in what is now Utah, Nevada, Idaho, Wyoming, Oregon and California, and this nomadism is carried on today. Cars are practically second homes used for everything from cruising the rez and basic errands to traveling hundreds of miles on a regular basis to attend festivals and gatherings. For many, frequent eight-hour drives are just a way of life. RezCars is an ongoing portrait project documenting the unique relationship between Native Americans and their cars.

Alex & Lisa's1976 orange Pontiac Grand Prix and blue 1972 Dodge Dart. Both odometers have rolled over, so they  have no idea how many miles they've put on them. Lisa says it's a good project for her son to fix them up.    --Duckwater Indian Reservation, Nevada

Matt & Crystal's 1996 Dodge Neon (130,000 miles) and 1988 Chevy Scottsdale (67,000 miles). After the Neon broke down in 103-degree heat and someone tried to take it off their property, Matt spray painted "Not for Sale" on the back to show they don't intend to let this ride go. The dent on the front bumper of their Scottsdale was from a run-in with a cow; the broken headlight, a telephone pole. Lately, Harry the cat has been making his bed in the engine when it's parked.    --Duckwater Indian Reservation, Nevada

Perlene and her 1989 Toyota Limited Edition 4x4. Its more than 200,000 miles have served her well over the years as she hauled various animals (including goats, pigs, dogs, chickens and rabbits) to and from her small farm.   --Duckwater Indian Reservation, Nevada

Cora and her 2001 Ford Mustang. She drove it hard in her teenage years, putting 150,000 miles on it, but traded it for her mom's SUV to make the commute from the reservation to college in Salt Lake City. It now sits in front of her parents' house becoming a true rez car.   --Duckwater Indian Reservation, Nevada

Lydia's 1998 Saturn SL2. Her 15-year-old son is now learning to drive it, adding to its 110,000 miles.   --Duckwater Indian Reservation

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