Sarah Arnoff Yeoman is an independent editorial and documentary photographer based in Portland, Ore., and Salt Lake City, Utah.

Contact:  385-212-4847

Originally from Utah and now living on the edge of  Oregon's wine and ag country (technically I live closer to a vinyard than a grocery store), I cover stories across the Pacific Northwest and the Great Basin (that big stretch of high desert between Reno and The Rockies).

After a nonprofit career working as a linguist with Indigenous communities throughout the West, I transitioned to freelance photography in Oregon.

Stories I focus on mainly revolve around the intersections of environment, food and economy in rural areas and niche communities, and how communities change over time. I also enjoy environmental portraiture, creative food stories, and rugged travel.

I strongly believe that photography is a balance of power dynamics, and it is extremely important to me to produce community-led narratives that belie stereotypes and stray from pre-conceived outside points of view.

I'm a member of the National Press Photographers Association and an associate member of the Native American Journalists Association.

You can find my work published in CNN, Woman's Day, Whetstone Media,  Portland Mercury, Bitterroot MagazineSalt Lake City Weekly and more.

Corporate and nonprofit clients include Foundations for a Better Oregon, Indigenous Energy Initiative, USA Hello, Volunteers of America, the University of Utah, Vector Media and others.

Find me on Instagram @arnoffoto, or in the real world driving the expanses of Western wilderness.


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