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Powder Day

January 6, 2017

Since it is approximately 7 degrees outside, I thought it appropriate that my first post of the year would feature a snowy family session from last month. The adventurous Morningstar family waited patiently for the snow to arrive for their family photo session and, man, did their patience pay off. We probably spent more time getting up and down icy Big Cottonwood Canyon than actually shooting when the Wasatch Front got its first big snow dump of the season, but this ski-fanatic clan took everything in stride, traipsing through the deep powder and eventually giving in to the urge to create a snowball fight. See some of my favorite shots below.

Also, 15% off portrait sessions plus 30% off cards is still going on (people send Valentine's Day cards, right?).

And I'll be at the Grand America on January 14 for the Bridal Extravaganza. I'll be doing some ful stuff with instant film at my booth so stop by and say hi. I've still got a few free tickets left, so if you want them, give me a holler.

Other stuff:

Sqeeeee Kodak announced that they are bringing back Ektachrome!

Hasselblad is now owned by Chinese drone company DJI.

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