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Summer Whimsy

September 23, 2016

I'm taking a little break from projects and weddings this week in order to relax and go over some random images I took over the summer during a visit from my sister's family. Her three-year-old twins are now old enough to start creating their own self-sufficient adventures in the back yard, and we wandered around, played in the sand and had a ton of fun on the homemade swing. We crafted tea parties shared with their six-month-old baby sister and had encounters with sparklers and smoke bombs with the neighbors on the Fourth of July. Basically, moseying around with three year olds is good time. 


These grandpas in Nairobi are beyond cool.

Five years on, a photographer tracks down some of the protesters he photographed during Occupy Wall Street.

Check out these beautiful wet plate images from Jaqueline Roberts.

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