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Southern Belle Meets Alpine Beauty

August 5, 2016

This is kind of a doozy of a post, but I had such a difficult time sorting through Sarah and Tyler's wedding photos that I decided to make this a full wedding story. There were so many lovely moments about Sarah and Tyler's amazingly gorgeous wedding at Silver Fork Lodge (though I have a soft spot for Silver Fork--I got married there as well), and one of the things that made their day especially unique was the perfect melange of Southern themes blended into the decor. Sarah made her own wedding dress and her entourage of family and bridesmaids adorned her with pearls and layers of lace completing her Southern Belle complexion. She met her soon-to-be husband under the covered patio overlooking Silver Fork's grove of aspens, and rain threatened to break up the moment, but the alpine environment gave their ceremony a naturally relaxed and serene feeling.

The sun poked its way through the clouds as the reception went on, and the newlyweds and I sneaked up to Brighton after the festivities for a short portrait shoot. They stood out, to say the least, among the normal crowd of fishing families and hikers. We parted ways (but not before they could give me a generous helping of homemade raspberry jam and coffee from their coffee shop, Hidden Peaks) and the clouds finally burst into a downpour as we headed back down the canyon.

Photographing their wedding was such a beautiful experience. Check out the (long) array of my favorite shots below.

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