Shayla's Musical Seniors

August 26, 2016

For this senior photo session, I bring you an exclusive episode of Shayla's Got Talent, where the main star (Shayla) displays all of her epic musical abilities and there are no buzzers--because there's no need. This girl rocked the stage with her sax and violin, and definitely had us all cracking up with her flute shenanigans while dressed in her band uniform. It's always a good time capturing people and their passions. Check out a few shots below.


Artist Rora Blue confronts sexism through the pairing of simple photos and questionable comments in her series "Handle With Care."

The New Yorker expresses its take on everyone's obsession with photographing everything.

And some sad news on the local front: Photographer/skateboarder Christopher Swainston was involved in a very serious accident and is currently in the ICU. Photo Collective Studios is hosting a benefit in conjunction with FICE Gallery to help him out with medical costs. The event is this Saturday, Aug. 27, and you can find out more here.

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