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Pride--Now In Color!

October 16, 2016

Back in June, I loaded up some suspiciously old Kodak Gold into one of my Pen FVs and headed out to watch the Pride Parade make its way through downtown SLC. Normally when I shoot Pride, I'm roaming up and down the sidelines snapping here and there, but this year I took it easy and planted myself in one spot. I did get doused in glitter when a six year old in front of me threw her fistful of sparkly herpes backward instead of onto the parade participants (I'm still finding glitter in my lens), but, as usual, Pride was still a festive affair. I've finally gotten around to scanning my negatives, and I'm pleasantly surprised by the results from such an old and expired film. Considering that I found it in a desk drawer more than three years ago (and it was already very expired then), I'm glad I got any usable shots at all. Expired film can be a lot of fun to shoot with, though you probably shouldn't shoot anything too important on it since its unpredictability can vary. With this roll, I got lots of grain and splotches of yellow and green throughout. But there are a few frames that have almost a normal coloring. Check them out for yourself below.


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