Lavender Fields Forever

September 16, 2016

I travel the I-15 on the regular; I practically grew up on that interstate driving back and forth to Southern California for family affairs, stuffed into the back of a Chrysler minivan or station wagon or SUV with my two siblings and all our childhood road-trip necessities. I know the best gas stations and rest stops to take pause for maximum bathroom cleanliness and time efficiency. I know the tricks to avoid desert-driving pitfalls (drive the Virgin River Canyon early in the morning, turn off your AC when traveling north out of Baker). I clearly remember passing by the Young Living farm just outside of Mona many times. Hitting it at the right time of year would reward us with a view of blooming lavender complemented by a background of towering blue mountains. So when Amanda and Morgan called me up and told me they were getting married at Young Living, I was ecstatic. Usually during June and July, local Instagram feeds fill up with the same old shots of lavender whimsy, but I didn't care. I gladly hopped on that train and jumped at the chance to photograph Amanda and Morgan's lovely ceremony and portraits, followed by a cozy reception at The Bungalow in Pleasant Grove. Check out the fun below.

More, as per usual:

Work-life balance: A photographer for the Dallas Morning News captured this mom photographer (momtographer?) shooting a football game while simultaneously taking care of her two kids.

Facebook has been censoring a lot of photographic content lately, including Nick Ut's Pulitzer Prize-winning Vietnam War photo.

Here's a fun take on laundry day by Sally Gall.

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