Fairy Princess Army Wife

July 8, 2016

Amanda and William met chatting online about mutual interests in geekery during William's deployment to Iraq and, years later, they sealed the deal under the gazebo at Fort Douglas surrounded by close family and friends. Amanda's love of Disney inspired her to go for the "fairy princess" look, and she pulled it off stunningly with a gorgeous Vera Wang bridal gown complete with hoop skirt and 170 (rough estimate) layers of tulle, finished off with a crown of fresh daisies. Her prince charming, sharply dressed in his Army attire, met her in Chapel Glen, and after a private moment together, they headed off to their happily ever after and a hella fun party.

Check out some of my favorite shots from their wedding below, as well as:

Photographer Beth Moon was inspired by studies out of the University of Edinburgh linking tree growth and celestial movement, so she set off to photograph some of Africa's most remote trees under the majestic Milky Way.

Slovakian photographer Martin Kollar's series TV Anchors explores the odd and quirky situations news reporters get into while broadcasting live.

Christopher Swann has spend the past quarter of a century with the world's dolphins and whales.

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