Beach Bridals

August 19, 2016

Amanda's only request for her bridal session was that she wanted some shots "on the beach." And, yes, the Great Salt Lake is a lake, but it's really the  closest thing we have to the ocean, so we headed out over the seven-mile causeway to Antelope Island State Park to capture the bride-to-be along with her two sisters/bridesmaids and mom. The heat was intense from the get go, so we sought shelter under a grove of cottonwoods and elms and ventured into the reeds closer to the shore until the sun decided to quit it for the day. Then it became a race against time to get to the other side of the island for the desired sunset beach pictures, giving us no time to stop and admire the herds of bison along the road. I have to admire the adventurous spirit of all four ladies who kicked off their shoes and trudged out to the water's edge though sand and gnats all while clad in their best formal wear. I hope they had as much fun as I did, though the pictures speak for themselves--genuine smiles always tell the real story.

Check out some of my favorite shots below, taken with a mix of digital, and Olympus Pen-FV, Zenobia C and Kodak Starflex.


This is how light pollution affects the night sky.

Photographer Nicholas Syracuse has spend the past two decades following the lives of the restless wanderers in society.

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