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A Taste of New York

I'm a little slow on the uptake, but it's been almost two months since I visited New York City for the first time. Previously, my closest experience to the Big Apple was spending four hours stranded on the tarmac at the Newark airport when I was 17. But that's Jersey and obviously doesn't count. It was a short visit--just five days--but my travel buddies and I were able to see a lot and hit the big toursity spots, of course. I'm surprised my shoes didn't fall apart on the journey; we really walked everywhere. But we needed to get all that walking in since we had an unspoken goal to eat our way through the city (though we failed miserably). There's too much food in NYC and I'm making myself hungry just reminiscing about it. But we'll be back for more delectable culinary experiences--I'm looking at you, Pies 'N Thighs and Shalom Japan.

I toted around my delightfully compact Pen FV during our trip and tried my hand at a little amateur street photography. I'm pretty satisfied though I did tend to over-expose a bit. But, hey, no grain no glory, right? Check out the photos below.

More things:

This guy turned a potato into a camera. Innovation!

Looking at the human impact on the American Southwest from above is pretty mesmerizing. 

French photographer Cal Redback has created a somewhat creepy and totally awesome series mashing together plants and people.

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