Lovely Ljubljana

April 19, 2013

I’ve returned! After a few hectic weeks of trekking around former Yugoslavia and attending a pretty awesome conference, I’ve returned to share with you all the first part of a two (or maybe three, I haven’t decided yet) part series of images I captured while away. We start this week in Slovenia, with its capital, Ljubljana, an unexpectedly beautiful city even when it's gray and dreary and there is a foot of snow on the ground. I also stopped by the amazing Skocjan Caves on my way to Croatia. Flip through the images below to see the rest of the Slovenia pics.

In other news:

This year’s Pulitzer prizes have been awarded.

On a rare political note: CISPA is back and it has already passed the House. You can sign the petition to stop CISPA, get info to call your local representative, and learn why unwarranted police database searches and government censorship of the Internet are not OK at

Tomorrow is the second anniversary of the death of conflict photojournalists Tim Hetheringon and Chris Hondros, and yesterday the documentary Which Way is the Frontline From Here: The Life and Time of Tim Hetherington premiered on HBO. The film was directed by Sebatian Junger, another conflict journalist, who in 2010 also created a foundation dedicated to Hetherington that provides free medical training to journalists heading to a combat zone. Read the info about the documentary linked above and check the HBO listings to catch the next showing. Also check out Getty Images’ tribute to Chris Hondros.

Due to the manhunt going on right now, Boston and Cambridge are empty.

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