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The world of digital photography is a fast and convenient place, but ... there's just something beautiful about the quality of film. I love getting people involved in the photography process, and over the years, I've had more and more people taking interest in the old cameras I lug to shoots along with my digital gear. And so, I encourage my clients to go through my catalog of antique cameras and find one that they are curious about or that takes photos in a style that they like. Make your pick and let me know, and I'll bring it to the session/event. Most of the analog cameras I currently have available are family heirlooms, passed from grandfather (a long-time portrait photographer) to father (an avid hobbyist who got me started) to me. So, film runs in my blood. Some make images that are crisp and clear, some enhance film grain a little more, and a few of the older clunkers produce a very vintage image. Click on the photos below to see example shots and learn a little bit about each camera.

Kodak No. 2C Brownie: 1914

Yashica 635: 1958

Olympus Pen FV: 1967

Voigtlander Vitomatic I: 1958

Zenobia C: 1952

Kodak Brownie Starflex: 1957

Ferrania Rondine: 1948

Cyanotype Prints

VanDyke Prints

Instant Film

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