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April 29, 2016

Rain was the major theme during our four days in Sydney, but a sprinkle or two didn't prevent us from enjoying ourselves, even if we did have to run for cover on several occasions. We crossed paths with the famous opera house a few times and made the ferry excursions out to Manly and Cockatoo Island--I don't know why commuting by ferry is so entertaining to me but I had a ton of fun riding up and down the harbor. We also spent a chunk of time navigating the Sydney fish market and gorged ourselves on amazing seafood. The one day the sun came out, we trekked from Coogee (pronounce KOO-jee) to Bondi (BON-dai--I felt very illiterate in Australia), a fabulous coastal walk through Sydney's most famous beaches, which christened us with our very first all-genuine Australian sun burns. Skin care aside, do not hesitate to visit Sydney if you have the chance.

Look at these things:

The LensCulture Portrait Award winners have been announced (and they include Utahn Amanda James!)

Levon Biss is the creator of Microsculpture, which features ridiculously detailed portraits of insects made up of 8,000 to 10,000 photos each.

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