Scoggins & Scoggins Closing Day

June 3, 2016

Everyday for the past three years I've passed by the little violin shop on the corner near my house and caught a glimpse inside at the beautiful displays and elegantly crafted instruments. I know nothing about string instruments but I've always wanted to peek inside Scoggins & Scoggins. When I returned from my weeks in Australia and passed this shop, I saw a glaring yellow STORE CLOSING sign in the window, so I panicked and went inside. The store was closing the next day and the owner, Karen, graciously let me come and photograph her and her craft while she was closing up shop. Karen and her husband (who passed away a few years ago) opened Scoggins & Scoggins 28 years ago, and I'm glad to say she isn't shutting down for good, just downsizing into her home to focus more on custom orders.

The final day of Scoggins' nearly three-decade long reign was business as usual, with Karen making repairs, fulfilling orders and taking phone calls. Keep an eye out for her new website, especially if you're in need of a violin, viola or cello.

Take a look at the shop photos below. There are a few digital shots in here but most of these were taken on Agfa Vista Plus 400 with my Canon A-1. Parts of the store were very dim, so apologies for the murkiness on a few of the shots.

More things to look at:

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The Coincidence Project is a series by Denis Cherim that captures interesting things that just happen to fall together at that exact moment.

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