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Road Trip with the Zenobia C

March 4, 2016

Ebay is my best frenemy. On the one hand, I very much enjoy browsing through treasure troves of analog gear people are trying to get rid of. And on the other, it makes it way too easy to justify impulse purchases (though that is how I ended up with a great deal on my Canon 70-200 2.8...). But this time around I had a good reason to score a new analog camera for my collection, so I picked myself up a birthday present in the form of a circa-1952 Japanese folding camera called the Zenobia C. I  got to test drive this baby boomer on a recent road trip to Nevada and figure out all its nooks and crannies with a spare roll of Portra 160. 

Now, the Zenobia is a medium format viewfinder camera with guess focusing, so I spent most of the time with the focus set to infinity to test out general lens sharpness and depth of field. I am very happy with my new friend and it is definitely a contender to tag along on my Australian excursion in a few weeks. Though there are a couple of drawbacks that I'll have to get used to, one being the general clumsiness of the camera in my hands, though that could just be my general inability to hold onto things. The other is that it's got a left-handed shutter button--not a deal breaker, but just a new way of challenging out my coordination skills. Check out some of my experimental shots below. Plug: This roll was processed and scanned by the fine folks at Alpine Film Lab.

Other things to look at:

Another  death in the family: Fujifilm announced it's discontinuing FP-100C. Looks like the last spin for my land camera is coming sooner than expected.  

Images taken by the APEX Telescope of the Milky Way recently released by researchers are the most detailed ever.

Akhtar Soomo spent some time in Karachi hanging out with the bad-ass teenage girls of the local boxing club.

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