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New Year, New Film

February 19, 2016

Now this was an interesting endeavor. I recently performed a deep clean on my 1948 Ferrania Rondine box camera in order to get it ready to shoot some brand-new Rerapan 127 film (the first time I've experimented with 127) that I had ordered from Nampa, Idaho, of all places. Well, turns out I sort of screwed the lens back on at an angle and got the focus stuck at infinity. But since I was planning to take it to Antelope Island and left the cleaning until the last second, I didn't have time to re-attach the lens and decided to just take some weird vertical landscapes at the state park. Rerapan seems to be a pretty decent black and white film, and since it's one of the last remaining 127 films on the market, I'll be ordering another batch for more experimentation--I've got a Kodak Starflex that also takes 127 so we'll see how it does.

As far as the Rondine is concerned, I'm not sure if it has a light leak or if the film rolled up on the take-up spool strangely, but the white patches on the sides of some of these frames suggest it could go either way. Again, more experimentation is necessary. Check out the shots for yourself below.

Speaking of film, I got a wonderful surprise this week.

If you're done with film talk, take a look at this:

Warren Richardson's 3 a.m. shot of a refugee and baby has been awarded World Press Photo of the Year.

Here's some beautiful wildlife photography by Laurent Baheux.

This is Snapchat in real life.

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