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New Orleans Town

January 30, 2016

I ventured down south to New Orleans for a few days last week hoping to escape choking on my own air in Salt Lake City and get some warm weather in. The air was fine, but thanks to that Jonas fellow wreaking havoc on the east coast, a cold front blasted through NOLA the first couple of days I was there, and I was very glad I had my Utah gear handy to combat it. The cold weather also left the typically bustling streets of the French Quarter deserted, which was a pretty strange sight. Eventually the people emerged from their shelters once the temperatures warmed up for more day drinking and busker listening. Being the very beginning of Mardi Gras, the crowds weren't too rowdy and the parades were just getting started, but I will definitely need to make future plans to come experience the madness of full-on Fat Tuesday.

Due to an unfortunate and depressing equipment malfunction with one of my Olympus Pen-FVs, the vast majority of shots I took on this trip were lost (I was shooting film so much, I barely touched my other camera), but I managed to grab a few snapshots the last two days I was roaming around. I was also shooting a lot on my phone, so check out my Instagram feed for more photos of alligator heads and Uno games with tasers.


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