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February 27, 2016

Little Meredith Kate surprised everyone by showing up to the party more than two weeks early, but what a wonderful surprise she is. I flew down to Southern California in a hurry to capture this baby beauty before that magic newborn-baby smell wore off and managed to get these shots spot-on the ten-day-old mark. The thing with newborn photography is that it's preferable to get photos done before the baby is two weeks old--even better between days five and ten--since so much change happens during this period and baby will start to become more self aware and alert. Or, as I like to say, less pliable. It's much easier to pose and photograph a sleeping, relaxed infant than a squirmy one. This was also a mixed digital and film shoot (Ilford HP5 and Agfa Vista Plus), which was fabulous since I decided to bring along my grandpa's old Olympus Pen FV--and got to use it with him, so it felt very multi-generational. 

Miss Meredith also had company in the form of energetic twin sisters, a lovable corgi-mix named Bandit, an enthralled grandma and a proud-yet-exhausted mom and dad. This may sound a little tumultuous, but this is actually exactly why I recommend doing  newborn sessions in home. Yes, getting photos of nursery details and setting up shots in a familiar environment is a plus (as well as avoiding packing up three kids in the family van and driving across town to a studio), but it's the natural moments happening between family members that really makes the session special. I love getting creative with props and baby outfits but whenever I sort and edit a newborn session, my favorite photos are the unscheduled candid scenes.

So welcome to the family, Meredith. We think you'll be very happy here.

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