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Little Sahara Engagements

May 20, 2016

Little Sahara is a small federal recreation area about two hours south of Salt Lake, and it's a playground for ATV enthusiasts and dirt bikers with its towering sand dunes (Sand Mountain is 700 solid vertical feet of, well, sand) and sprawling acres of ride-able terrain. And, as it turns out, Little Sahara also makes for a pretty remarkable photo backdrop. This pocket of dunes is tucked away in an isolated high-altitude valley, nestled between juniper forests and grass plains, with distant snow-capped peaks in the background. No matter what angle you take, the scenery is stunning, which was perfect for Courtney and Jose's engagement session in April. Not only was the location perfect for these two, they were incredibly fun to work with (and they also look like they just stepped out of an Armani catalog--freakin' gorgeous). Check out a sample of their session below.

Like all my engagement sessions, this was a hybrid shoot with my digital set up as well as a few of my antique cameras. I've noted the specs where appropriate.

In other news:

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