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April 23, 2016

The three most common questions I've been asked about Australia: 1) Did you see a kangaroo? (yes), 2) Did you eat a kangaroo? (yes, it's delicious), and 3) Did you drink a lot? (No, it is ridiculously expensive to drink in Australia--like, $50 for a 24-pack expensive). Australia is probably the least foreign country I've visited, but I still had to take some time to learn the language. The basic rule of thumb, I figured, is to take nouns that are two or more syllables long, shorten them and add -ie at the end (Australian >> Aussie, Tasmania >> Tassie, breakfast >> breakkie, muggachino >> muggie, etc.). This is applicable to most words except the confounding "bottle shop" (liquor store), which is called a bottle-o.

We spent a good chunk of time in beautiful Brisbane (Brissie) exploring the city and taking a few day trips to the Australian Zoo (the Steve Irwin one), Byron Bay and North Stradbroke Island (Straddie). We took the two-hour road trip to Byron Bay with friends, but other than that all of the sights we saw were easily accessible by public transportation, which was helpful due to the fact that we weren't quite ready to try driving on the left.

I'm fairly accustomed to churning out travel photos on the fly when I'm abroad, mostly due to the fact that friends and family want to see evidence of my travels immediately upon my return. Fine with me, I love working while traveling and this is relatively easy to accomplish with digital photography and a Wi-Fi enabled camera. However, when I shoot film, things need to slow down a bit. I dragged along two medium format cameras and my trusty Fuji XT-1 on this excursion  to get the best of both worlds, and now that I have my negatives back and processed (thanks again, Alpine Film Lab) I can put together a catalog of our little trip. I mostly shot on color negative film, though I did accidentally send the lab a roll of Fuji Velvia which, since they don't process E-6, cross-processed as C-41. So when you come across some very orange shots, that's what happens when you don't keep good track of the film you need to ship halfway around the world.

Check out the photos below--I've marked the film shots with the camera and film type--as well as some links.

Worst wedding photos ever? Not all brides would have the same sense of humor this one does.

Some expired Kodak Portra 160 won 18-year-old Sam Delaware the Sony Youth Photographer of the Year award.

French photographer Antoine Respesse collected his recyclables for four years, then made a series of portraits in the piles and piles of reusable rubbish.

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