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Tree Portraits

October 30, 2015

I spent three days wandering through the redwood forests of California, mostly with my husband but sometimes alone if he was sleeping in the car or got impatient with me and hiked on ahead while I was changing film. Despite the full parking lots and just-enough-to-be-annoying traffic congestion, we rarely saw another person on the trails, which left us in intimate solace with the trees. Besides waiting for the Ents to show themselves, I toggled between three cameras that had the ability to capture these very, very old creatures in their own unique ways. The Ents never came out but I was able to make some portraits. There's a lot of them because I really like trees, and after awhile of craning my neck and trying to get as flat on the ground as possible, I gave up attempting to get entire trees in the frame. I've noted the camera and film type (if applicable) under each photograph.

We started our honeymoon road trip in Lake Tahoe and ended in Portland, so there will be more of that next week. In the mean time:

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A group of young girls living in poverty in Bangladesh find solace in surfing.

ISIS stole this guy's photo, so what do?

This is what decaying Daguerrotypes look like.

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