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Sustaining Our Culture Powwow

April 17, 2015

The Sustaining Our Culture Powwow sponsored by the American Indian Resource Center at the University of Utah comes around every April, and campus was packed for the celebrations. The powwow finished off a week of events geared toward education on Native American issues, as well as seminars and talks aimed at natives themselves to encourage linguistic and cultural maintenance on campus. The powwow was a two-day gathering, but I was only able to attend for a few hours on the weekend to capture the ever-amazing dances, including men's traditional, grass dance, women's traditional, jingle and fancy. There were also performances by two incredible Navajo hoop dancers who are ranked among the top in the nation.


Seth Casteel threw some babies in a swimming pool and then photographed them. It's not as horrific as I just made it sound.

The Department of Records and Information Services in New York has received a grant that will allow them to digitize 30,000 photos taken by the NYPD between 1914 and 1975. Take a preview glimpse what these old pros saw.

For two weeks, J. Shotti photographed everyone he encountered with a Polaroid land camera. After his 14-day stint, he ended up with a total of 1,200 photos.

Practicing lawyer by day, Instagram sensation for the rest of the day. Striking, clean and well-composed photos by Beirut-based Serge Najjar.

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