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I Did My Own Engagement Photos

July 10, 2015

And they turned out pretty OK. 

Sure, we've been engaged for more than eight months, but who says you have to do an engagement session right after the question's been popped? I'm not really in to having my own portrait taken, so I figured we could treat our engagement photo session like an experiment. I took my tripod and remote shutter (seriously, two of the best investments you could ever make) and we headed up Big Cottonwood Canyon over Guardsman Pass at around six in the morning. I was hoping for nice rays of back lit morning sunshine, but overnight rain ensured that we had a perfectly overcast morning, which I think worked out even better. If standing awkwardly in front of a tripod and trying to pose ourselves wasn't weird enough, I decided to change between my oh-so-favorite film TLR as well as digital during the shoot. Luckily we had a couple pairs of helping hands along (hence the brotherly love photo below) to press the shutter button and make us crack a genuine smile. All in all, not too shabby, but we'll see how my selfie bridals turn out in a few months. That'll be a challenge.

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