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On The Coast

November 20, 2015

Road trips are fun. And grueling. They make you stiff and achey but the road trip is an American past time, and they make this vast country of ours a lot more accessible. Both born and bred Westerners, my husband and I are no strangers to long stretches in the car. Eight hours with one stop at a McDonald's in Battle Mountain, Nev., is nothing to us, which is probably why our excursion from Salt Lake City to the edge of the continent, up the California and Oregon coasts, 'round to Portland and back home again seemed to fly by so quickly. We tried to break it up with multiple-day stays and hikes along the way but the majority of sights to be had were from our car windows. When we did step out to stretch our legs, I stuffed my pockets with film and shouldered my cameras to help me take in the scenery (another plus for road trips is that I can stash bunches of film in the back seat and not have to lug it all around at once). So below are some film scenes from our trip for your enjoyment. All photos were taken with either my Yashica 635 TLR with Kodak 120 Porta 400 (the square images) or my Canon A-1 with Ilford HP5 400 or Kodak Porta 400.

Other than that:

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