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Leafy Fun

November 27, 2015

These are my nieces. They are 2 1/2 (yes, they are twins, and yes, they are identical). They live in Southern California with their mom (my sister) and their dad. And although they live in Southern California, they've been able to come to Utah often enough to experience seasons other than hot and hotter. They've sledded on the snow and seen the mountains, but they've never been able to time a visit during fall, and therefore never really experience the thrill of jumping into a giant pile of leaves. But that was remedied at grandma's house this Thanksgiving, and I'm glad to say that the new experience was a hit. See for yourselves below.

Hope everyone stuffed themselves accordingly yesterday. Food coma round two is headed my way in a bit. Meanwhile:

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Stanley Kubrick liked to take photos of New York.

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