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I'm In a Rut

August 14, 2015

It happens to everyone with a dependence on creativity (though we don't like to admit it), that every once in awhile we find ourselves in a place with zero motivation and inspiration. That is where I currently am, with the past few months awash in mediocre images resulting from a lack of effort to come up with something new. But, hey, admitting it is the first step to recovery, right?  And just as everyone  has blank periods, so does everyone have something that gets them going, finding that thing is the difficult part. For me, it's physically getting up and going. So I packed up a dozen or so rolls of medium format film and headed out to a place that always makes me feel better in hopes that its deep literal ruts would help me climb out of my figurative one. Turns out, a trip to Bryce Canyon hit the spot; even though I have been there before, it provided something brand new to see. This weekend, the area was drowning in monsoon weather, creating dense fog and low clouds that swirled through the hoodoos and ravines. Now, this amazing sight might not jolt me out of my dull, passive slumber, but it's definitely a good start. And if you're in a rut, too, get up and go somewhere. It'll help you out more than you think. Check out some digital snapshots from Bryce below, and I'll post my analog shots when the film is processed.

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