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I Shot My Own Bridals

October 9, 2015

And, like my self-portrait engagement session, they turned out pretty OK.

I am not used to being in front of the camera, and using my fabulous bridesmaids as models to set up shots helped with composure, but I still stiffened up and grimaced during most of the session. Though I did have plenty of extra hands to hold flowers, position reflectors and help me crack a real smile on occasion, this was a huge eye-opener in subject-photographer relations: When playing both, I got an a-mile-in-their shoes experience that gave me a lot of ideas on how to make subjects feel comfortable in front of the lens. Just because I'm comfortable behind it doesn't mean they are confident that they look good.

Also, shuffling around and squatting in front of a tripod for two hours is a lot harder in a wedding gown and five layers of undergarments. Props to the ladies of the 19th century for having to put up with body prisons their whole lives.

And: this shoot took place in the Photo Collective Studios natural light loft and hallway, which is incredibly gorgeous and a blast to photograph in. Just FYI.

I got married this week! So I'll be back later...


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