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Get In Close

May 15, 2015

Every once in awhile I like to break out my macro and photograph something mundane. This week, confined to my home due to adverse weather, I converted my laundry room into a makeshift macro studio/terrarium workshop. I spent way too much time at Cactus & Tropicals trying to satisfy my terrarium-mania (dammit, Pinterest), and after I had completed one or seven, I set to getting up close and personal with my new succulent friends.

Macro photography is definitely not a specialty of mine, but I like it because it adds extra calculations and complications to basic photo essentials, like composition and proper depth of field. Macros distort everything, and even if you're working with F8 or wider, the slightest movement, even a millimeter or two, can mess up your focus. I hardly ever use a tripod when shooting macro, which adds to the fun. Check out the fruits of my boredom below and, of course, links.

Joana Choumali's Hââbré, The Last Generation looks at the last few people who underwent the practice of scarification in the Ivory Coast.

Very cool "shadow portraits" by Alexey Bednij.

So Guantanamo Bay has a gift shop. And Debi Cornwall's series Gitmo at Play shows some of the various Gitmo-themed gifts you can buy if you ever visit.

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