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Faylor Wedding

November 13, 2015

Musical numbers! Interpretive dance! Flash mob! Basically everything you need to have at a wedding. Taylor and Frey's big day was a blast and it definitely kept me on my toes shooting al the events and surprises they had planned for their guests. I hope they had as much fun as I did. Below is a small sample of all the shenanigans that took place. Happy nuptials, guys!

In other news:

I've got two big new things I'm really excited about adding to my services. No. 1 is the $50 Proposal Package with which I will discreetly hide myself amongst the shrubbery and take pictures of you popping the question to your special someone. Engagement season is about to be in full swing, so contact me to set up the details.

No. 2: You can now add instant film shots to any booking for $1 per photo! So, if you'd like Polaroid-style pics as well as digital photo from your portrait session, that can be arranged. You can even use my instant camera at your wedding for your guests to make a photo sign-in book. It's definitely a fun add-on and I'm really happy to have it available.

Aaaaaand more blatant self promotion: Nov. 1-March 15 is winter discounts season where you will receive 15% any booking. Check out the pricing section under Portraits & Weddings, or contact me for more details.

Finally, links.

Fabulous USSR-era bus stops photographed by Christohper Herwig, who spent 12 years on the project.

Fernando Moleres' gorgeous yet depressing series on the effects of climate change in Greenland and Iceland.

Amateur photographer Augustus Sherman worked as a clerk in the early 1900s at Ellis Island, and captured some insightful portraits of immigrants and details of the gateway to America.

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