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Fraylor Fotos

August 21, 2015

This shoot was cursed.

By the weather, I mean. We'd been attempting to get pre-wedding photos of Taylor and Frey for months, and after scheduling and rescheduling with rain and more rain, we finally arrived at the last possible date to do it, which was luckily preceded by days of sunny skies--and it STILL rained. But we dealt with it, and it really wasn't raining too hard (though, it's Utah in the middle of summer; WHY is it raining?!). These guys were a blast to photograph and I was cracking up all through editing their session, especially at the great Awkward-Family-Photos-inspired poses. I'm very excited to be shooting their wedding next month.

Some links for ya:

The chlorophyll printing process invented by Vietnamese photographer Binh Danh embeds his photos on leaves through photosynthesis.

Wildfires in a few far-off states have filled our Salt Lake Valley with smoke, and the Atlantic has put together a collection of photos depicting those closer to the flames.

Photos from those who traveled the world at the beginning of the 20th century.

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