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Deutschland: Munich & Dachau

November 7, 2014

Hey, I'm back and I brought lots of photos. First up: The great city of Munich as well as its outlying concentration camp, Dachau. We really didn't have enough time in Munich (3 1/2 days), which I thought would be adequate, but we barely skimmed the surface of what this city has to offer. And adding to my time mismanagement, I completely underestimated Dachau as well, which I though would only have enough for a short historical tour. Nope. We ended spending four hours there, and we had to skip a lot of the museum since we had to get back to Munich for a previous commitment. Next time, we'll spend a week in Munich to catch up on what we missed.

There's more to come in the following weeks from Neuschwantstein, the Bavarian Forest, Prague and the Czech countryside. I'm still updating on my Instagram, as well. So check that out.

In other news:

Speaking of Dachau, the famous Arbeit Macht Frei entrance gate to the death camp was stolen last weekend. So keep an eye on the neo-Nazi groups in your community for it.

The Grand Title winner of the Young Wildlife Photographer of the Year is a nine year old from Spain.

Read this fantastic interview with the only female photojournalist in Gaza.

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