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More Voigtlander Adventures

December 12, 2014

Last month, we had some visitors from Australia who had never never experienced the vast scenery variations that Utah has to offer. They'd travelled through Southern Utah and seen red-rock wonders, and they'd seen our alpine mountain peaks, but we decided to give them change of scenery: the barren Bonneville Salt Flats. Only an hour or so from Salt Lake City, the salt flats are what's left over from the Great Salt Lake's incredibly mineral-laden makeup when the water evaporates away. Everyone gets a kick out of the random piles of salt along the road and the Morton Salt factory set up seemingly in the middle of nowhere as you drive out. When the lake's water level is high, the drive gets even more interesting, with the water surrounding both sides of the road and casting trippy reflections. I always enjoy driving out through that area since it's different every time. This time, I loaded some extremely expired Kodak film into my Voigtlander Vitomatic I for the journey, which produced grainy and somewhat yellow results. But you can take a look for yourself below.

Elsewhere this week:

Patrick Brown has spent nearly a quarter of his life photographing the illegal animal trade for the book Trading to Extinction

Cool pin-hole camera photos by Patrick T. O'Reilly

The most expensive photo in the world was sold this week for $6.5 million.

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