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Into Nevada

August 22, 2014

A few weeks ago, I traveled with the Shoshone/Goshute Youth Language Apprenticeship Program to visit several Shoshone reservations and communities in Nevada. We went off the grid and deep into Shoshone country, riding in vans over sketchy dirt roads and windy mountain passes. If you think Nevada is just sagebrush and hot desert, well, it mostly is. But it’s also beautiful. Take a look for yourself below.

Also: In certain rural regions of Nepal, menstruating women are shunned from their communities during their periods. Documentary photographer Paulomi Basu captured visuals and talked to many of the women who endure the ritual, called Chhaupadi.

Fifteen years ago this week a rare tornado tore downtown Salt Lake apart. The Salt Lake Tribune has a gallery of the destruction.

Spending nearly two decades photographing the Inuit peoples of Northern Greenland, Finnish photographer Tiina Itkonen‘s collection of photos is an intimate glimpse into an isolated way of life that is coming under threat.

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