WRD: Black Diamond Divas vs. Hot Wheelers Round 2

March 16, 2012

On  March 10, the Black Diamond Divas and the Hot Wheelers squared off for the second time this season in an intense bout. The Divas dominated most of the bout by at least a 20 point lead, but the Wheelers made a huge comeback in the second-to-last jam of the game scoring 20 points in the allotted two minutes. The Black Diamond Divas only beat the Hot Wheelers this time 109-104.

Go see next weekend’s bout between the Bonneville Bone Crushers and Billings, Montana’s Magic City Rollers on March 24. Also, Utah County’s roller derby league, The Happy Valley Derby Darlins, kicks off its season opener at Utah Valley University tomorrow with a bout between the Molly Morbids and the Nevada East Roller Girls.

Prices for the anticipated new Canon 5D Mark III were released this week. A whopping $3,500 for the body so hope you guys can afford it, ’cause I sure can’t. But here’s a comparative review, if you like.

Also: Amelia and the Animals, Robin Schwartz’s current photography project centering around her daughter whom she photographs with all sorts of animals including kangaroos, gibbons, lemurs and even a two-faced cat.

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