Monkey Park Panorama

February 10, 2012

I was digging around my computer this week and found a chunk photos from Japan that I forgot to stitch into a panorama. So below is the newly created panorama of the Iwatayama Monkey Park overlooking Kyoto.

In other news: Kodak announced this week that it will cease production of digital cameras, picture frames and video cameras in favor of the fight to preserve film photography. It’s a risky business move, especially since the company is seeking bankruptcy protection in the US, but I’m certainly glad they are doing it. Maybe, just maybe, Kodachrome will make a comeback?

Samuel Aranda has won World Press Photo of the Year.

60 years with Queen Elizabeth II. Time showcases the life and reign of England’s ruling monarch.

Don’t stop playing with your food. Brock Davis, AKA Laser Bread, hasn’t. In his Food Stuff photography series he makes food look like stuff. You should look at it.

I love this photo so much. So. Much.

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