It's Spring...ish, so Here's Some Flowers 'n Stuff

April 6, 2012

Salt Lake City has exploded into bloom this week giving us hope that spring may finally be here. But April does this to us every year. It teases us with temperatures in the 70s, lures us out of our homes with its alluring sunshine, and then BAM: snow. We residents woke up to a somewhat decent attempt from winter trying to make a come back this morning. Yes, these few inches of powder may put you in a doom and gloom mood and possibly remind you that we live in the shadow of the Rockies, which tends to make the weather a tad bit random, but, hey, maybe this is your last chance to get in some freshly powdered skiing. So I say bring it on, April! Because those sun-scorching, skin-peeling summer temperatures are right around the corner.

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