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The Shoshonean Reunion

August 19, 2012

As I mentioned a few weeks ago, I was able to attend the 13th annual Shoshonean Reunion in Jackson, Wyoming. The reunion provides a chance for Shoshone and Comanche tribes spread from Oklahoma to California to come together once a year to share knowledge, catch up and discuss linguistic and cultural revitalization. This year the reunion included presentations and giveaways by each tribe, talks on the Shoshoni language, a parade, pow-wow and many other events. Next year the reunion will be held in Fort Hall, Idaho.

Other things to look at: The 100,000 poster participatory art project.

Guess what looks like Mars? Utah! (And arctic Canada, apparently.)

Also from the Lens Blog: an interesting discussion on the vast changes in police perspective of photojournalists – and also how photography and photojournalism is becoming a crime.

Wut – Getty Images has been sold for $3.3 billion

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