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Photography Shenanigans: Light Painting

May 25, 2012

Yes, I’ve been terrible at coming up with new stuff to post lately, but I’ve been busy! Sheesh. I did finally get some equipment to come in started working on a light painting project. So that will… probably happen…soon. I've never tried my hand at light painting, and after seeing images like these, I figured I should give it a shot. Some experimental shots are below. I mostly used extremely cheap laser pointers and el-wire for these shots.


Remember how as a kid you would dress up as your favorite superhero? Traipsing around the house and neighborhood like it was the cool thing to do and you would go anywhere in that cape and mask because it was awesome. Well, all your memories can be happily relived on Growing up Heroes, a blog dedicated to every fantasy, memory, dream and adventure you had every time you put on that costume.

For all you history buffs: Photos of Beijing taken 100 years ago.

The Daily Beast’s compilation of Bill Clinton Poses with Porn Starts & More Awkward Photos

More in politics: Jon Huntsman is the 20th sexiest man over 50.

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