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Challah! It’s Chanukah Time!

December 7, 2012

Though small, the vibrant Jewish community in Salt Lake is well known. The annual Chanukah market at the JewCC er… JCC had plenty to offer this year including hand crafted menorahs, yarmulkes, items that don’t necessarily pertain to Judaism in any way (they had a live owl!), and lots and lots of food. I’m still trying to digest the large amount of oil I ingested due to the large quantity of delicious latkes I ate. Check out the market photos below and remember that the first night of Chanukah is tomorrow evening.

In other news:

Typhoon Bopha hit the Philippines this week, killing hundreds.

Reuters has released their 2012 Best Photos of the Year.

Jill Peters’ fascinating project Sworn Virgins of Albania which looks at the lives of women living as men in the Balkans.

A personal project from Jacquelyn Martin on an albino colony in Africa.

It’s time again for photojournalists to enter the World Press Photo 2013 competition.

Freaks & Geeks reunion photos! OMG OMG. Also, photos from behind the scenes.

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